Gunite Pool Contractor in New Jersey to Construct Your Luxury Pool

Have this thought ever come across your mind, ‘I think I want an in-ground pool now. Should I build my own backyard pool?’ Well, of course, you should. One of the most important parts of your luxury home is owning a luxury pool. And if you don’t have one yet The Custom Pool Pros can help you build your dream luxury pool. There are no hard and fast rules but few things you must remember while hiring a Gunite Pool Contractor in New Jersey to Construct Your Luxury Pool are noted down for you in the following:

  1. Find your Unique pool features:

Luxury pools. This one word makes sense that your pool is not going to be some typical in-ground pool in your backyard, but you want a pool that would stand out in your luxury home. These are the few add-ons you must plan for your luxury gunite pool construction. So, choose your contractors on the basis of these plans.

  • Border Tiles
  • Fountains
  • Spa
  • Cascade relaxation
  • Waterfall
  1. Cleaning system

For any pool, a must is a proper cleaning system. Sort it out at the first hand with you contractors how do they provide custom luxurious cleaning system for luxury pools. In this context, you need to check out the work of The Custom Pool Pros. They provide expert service to construct beautiful, elegant, and luxurious swimming pools for your luxury home.

  1. Which purposes?

Since you are building a luxury pool, you need to give it thought to the other purpose of it as well. You need to consider and let your contractors know that you’re expecting to use the pool for house-parties, exercise or rehabilitation.

  1. For whom?

Do you only want to design it for your relaxation or you want to consider your children’s safety? Give it a thought. Extra care needs to be taken if your children are going to be the major pool users but again you can customize it if all are adults in your house.

  1. What about the seasons?

You do need to pay any attention to the place you stay and the weather around it. Think if too many trees are surrounding your pool as in winter the leaves shedding will totally create debris on the pool? Or if the tree sizes are too long, so they put a shadow? If you’d need a pool heater and so on. Consult with your contractors.

  1. The big picture

Now adding up all your visions, you try to recreate a whole picture in your mind. What do you see? Explain it to your contractors. Does it match with your imagination what you wanted at first? Will it be okay in every season? What about the parties? What about your time to soothe yourself with the scenery?

  1. Make it full of life

Add up all that you can do extra after the whole set up. Add up a small poolside bar, grill or decorate it with small bushes and garden. Make it special. Feel special while you design your pool. Instill peace and serenity.

Best Gunite Pool Builder in New Jersey

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to build a pool in your backyard. Now you’re super excited about the whole feeling of owning a swimming pool of your own. But soon it hits you, you need to hire the Best Gunite Pool Builder in New Jersey. The first step into building pools is the planning and designing stage. The Custom Pool Pros provides the best services when it comes to building gunite pools in New Jersey.

Here are just a few points you should ponder over before you start looking for a pool builder for your in-ground swimming pool.

  1. Give some time to reviews

These days what we do is we give 2-3 minutes before we visit some place to check out the place map, mostly the reviews about it. Same goes for any other service you’re about to take. Exactly in similar ways, we need to spend some time to look for the reviews and get acquainted with the specifications we want in our work. We need to set up our mind what kind of services we want to build our pool. And who matches with your requirements.

  1. Are they certified?

You have been through reviews and made up your mind for whom you wanted to hire for building your pool. Next thing you need to ensure is that the contractors you’ve chosen are the ones legally enlisted. Check on their certifications. See if they are licensed, insured or bonded. This must be taken care of seriously. Certainly, you don’t want to fall prey to any unwanted situation into the whole blissful process of building your own pool.

  1. The minimum amount of experience

Do ask your contractors about their experience. It is again to be safe knowing them fully before they start working with you. This will give you an idea of what you should expect from the builders, what is their level of service, how much they take to finish, and all other detail information you might need in future.

  1. What does the reputation say?

After you know how experienced they are, you must take some idea about their reputation. Ask around whoever has built a pool before, if they have ever heard about your gunite pool builders. If they did what did they hear about them? Would they rate them positively or has something critical that you should know.

  1. Successful projects

Now get details about the successful projects done by your pool builders. Check out their portfolio. See if you like their work, the pools they have built so far, and the comments from their earlier customers.

  1. Payment options/ packages

At the end, of course, you need to know if they are able to provide the service you want within your means. What are the packages they offer or what are the payment policies they follow? Well, it just might be, if it’s a price good to be true. You may provide a down payment, and that’s what is safer I would say. Of course, check before signing out anything. Perhaps, your initial steps toward building your swimming pool do not go in vain. So overall just be a little cautious over every step.

Benefits of Sea Salt Swimming Pool

Now you must have been thinking we are talking about swimming pools, but why is the word “salt” in here? Why the heck would we have salt water pools? Now after you skim through this article a little you’ll understand why you need to rethink whether you should install a sea-salt swimming pool or not.

What kind of salt you should use in your pool if you have a saltwater system. In terms of the salt used in a salt chlorine pool, we need to take care of the purity in that salt. The purer it is, the more effective it will be.

  1. Yes, Skin treatment

You see chlorine can leave our skin itchy, and all dry even after a dip. But this salt water, in fact, is great for skin care. It will make your skin feel soft and smooth. Medical studies come to a covenant that salt water can be helpful for skin diseases like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and more. Salt in water acts like a natural moisturizer, and at times exfoliates skin dirt or oil. In addition, it increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

  1. Having too much stress?

Whenever we suffer through stress, we always think of a way that will make us relieved. Some eat outside their diet rules, some travel, some swim. So, people who want to swim for stress release, this is to them, go swim in salt water swimming pools! Salt water helps you trigger your body’s natural relaxation process leaving you feeling refreshed after you take a nice swim time.

  1. Remove your body aches!

As a swimmer, you must know this. But for the people who suffer from chronic body aches, muscle pains, and joint pains, they get this suggestion from doctors, and other people all the time that they should go swimming. Swimming anyway is an amazing exercise. Swimming in salt water pools can be an extra advantage. Especially, for those who are recovering from certain injury, they will find it easier to move into the saltwater pools. Saltwater consists of bromide. This helps in slow recovery of bone joint pains, muscle aches, and all hidden soreness in the body.

  1. Side-effects are myth

Every time we hear about some cure, the next thing pops in our mind is side-effects. Saltwater bromide helps cure the sore body in a slow process but what if it comes with any side-effects? And some may say, they are sensitive to chlorine or have trouble breathing when they are in the over-chlorinated pool. So, what if the same happens with bromide? Let me assure you it doesn’t come with any side-effects. Saltwater won’t make your eyes red or irritate your lungs.

  1. Exercise is relaxing

When I heard about exercise, I used to give out a big sigh. The word has a very negative image for people who need it the most. But these people enjoy swimming. They need to know that swimming is an exercise too. Sea salt chlorinates makes your swimming therapy more relaxing.

Guide for Swimming Pool Tile Coping

As you are going through you’re picking materials for your pool, one of the first things you’re going to pick is the tile. It may seem very easy, you might think you would choose the one that looks good and pick the one’s more durable after a little research. But there can a lot of other factors that you might consider before buying tiles for swimming pool tile coping. You can close your eyes and completely rely on The Custom Pool Pros for your swimming pool tile renovation. Following are the basics you need to know before hiring your contractors for your backyard pool tile coping.

  1. Rock Water Line

Now, you may have a rock instead of tile in the water line of the pool or you may have a ceramic tile. The rock water line looks fine in any sort of pool design. You can add up salt generators too if you’re from a southern county of New Jersey. If you want to re-design or renovate the backyard pool you might try this out.

  1. Coping

The coping is the portion of the pool that is directly on top of the pool structure. It’s normally about a foot and it may be larger if it’s an elevated area where you’re sitting like on a raised hot tub but the important thing is that you pick a material that you really like from standpoint of aesthetics and how important is it that it’d be smooth and nice to sit on or if it’s rough boulders because you’re looking for a more natural environment.

  1. Stones:

If you’re picking a stone, understand that indigenous stone for your swimming pool tile coping is always less expensive than stones from other regions of the country. Because shipping stones are pretty expensive you see, where you’re not paying a lot of trucking costs to get it to you that makes the most sense.

  1. Choosing tile:

As far as picking tile is concerned, my god, there are so many tiles especially now with all of the glass tiles that are out there. But you can pay $3- $4 a square foot for tile or you can pay $40 a square foot for tile. So don’t get excited with your selection until you look at the price tag. Pick something that you like. Have your pool contractor assist you who is in charge of your total guide for swimming pool tile coping. Let them assist you with what you might like. They will like what their customers to pick, one thing they love. Then they’ll show you things that match. They don’t want you to pick four or five things you love that may not go together. Although they will put on anything they want. I would suggest going for a cohesive look for your pool.


Things Need to Know Before Hiring a Swimming Pool Contractor

You bought your own house, and there is a space in your backyard where you want to build a swimming pool. Or, maybe you want to remodel or redesign your current pool or renovate it fully. All these strictly requires the in-ground pool contractors.

How do you decide on which basis you should hire an in-ground pool contractor in your area? You won’t build a swimming pool in your backyard every now and then. Even if you’re renovating it, the whole work is quite a bit of hassle.

So, here are few things you must consider before hiring a pool contractor.

  1. What is their so long experience?

Whatever contractors you have chosen after research, and from customer reviews, you still need to talk in person with the contractors especially about their experience with building pools, their number of successful projects, and what is their specialty.  That is their full portfolio needs to be considered by you.

  1. What latest technologies or products do they use while building?

It is important to know beforehand what quality of products the contractors use and are they using the latest available technologies to provide the best service or not. In this case, I highly recommend The Custom Pool Pros. They offer the best service as an in-ground pool contractor in New Jersey.

  1. Do they offer modern amenities?

Ask your contractors, the amenities they provide, are those up-to-date with the recent trends, and situation. Would what they provide be sufficiently comfortable for their pool at the backyard. The contractors need to provide you with the best comfort for your modern in-ground swimming pool because that is what you deserve.

  1. What about the price you pay?

You need to be aware of how much your contractors are asking for the particular service, and how much other contractors usually charge for the same work. You need to judge accordingly for you don’t face any difficulty in future.

  1. What is the installation or package practices?

Go through the packages they offer. Check thoroughly the installation practices, and details they follow. Again, negotiate in your mind comparing with other contractors in the market.

  1. Do they offer custom designs?

How much is your contractor updated with the savvy designs, and architecture that you expect for your in-ground pool? The pool you build will change the look of your backyard, and so you need to ensure it comes out with it’s the best attire.

  1. What are their warranty policies?

The team working for you from your contractors, are they licensed? Are they certified? Do they provide any guarantee as to how long the pool built be running well? How about their after-work services? Inquire them about these.

  1. Is there any cancellation policy?

This is completely random. I would say it is quite logical as well. Because you always need to be extra sure what you want and then hire you contractors so that you don’t have to cancel them.

6 Luxury In-ground Pool Design You Can Choose

You can hire custom designers to visit your home personally and ask them to design your pool the way you want. This will cost you some additional amount. But then in this era, why to spend money on what you can do on your own. You know your taste the best, and you are already well acquainted with your own preferences. Just a bit of time & information can lead you to the best luxury in-ground pool designs in New Jersey. Let me take you to a secret tour through my collections, perhaps the world’s best, and most luxurious pool designs you would ever see.

  1. Backyard pool with laps

You may think everyone has a backyard pool with laps, why should I have it, too? This is the most traditional form of pool design, that’s true. But you don’t need to keep it a rectangle one. You can have your own different shape even if it’s just the backyard pool with laps. This is the most simple way to design your pool, adding up a little luxury touch with customization.

  1. Tanning ledge pools

Having an in-ground pool design, where you add up a simple tanning ledge, will totally change the whole look of your pool. Even if you have a traditional rectangular pool, you can always build outside the box. The pool may be L or T-shaped, any certain geometric form, oval, modified rectangles, curvy or cloud shapes, just add up a tanning ledge.

  1. Lagoon style

This in-ground pool design is a complete set with stone waterfalls keeping plenty of room for laps across the pool length. A tanning ledge is also built in a way that one side won’t impede the swimming lane.

  1. No rectangle here

You can design your pool in a way that it will have a softly curved span with simply adorned tanning ledges but a fully functional pool. With the embellishment of sleek laminar deck jets, you can enjoy a relaxing image of water in motion creating soothing sounds, which are absolute visual & auditory treat. You can also strategically position a spa to finish up the pool as a whole package.

  1. Roman-shape pool

To give a perfectly elegant look to your in-ground pool design this modified Roman shape pool with water- spouting animal statues is the pool you should end up with. The pool provides you with a long expanse for the daily strokes. You make it your own design along with a spa, fireplace, lush landscaping and more.

  1. Freeform silhouettes

With a sloping backyard, this is the best design you can opt for. The elevated free-form pool & spa will give birth to a flowing silhouette. In the steps, there can be a large tanning ledge and several curves. The swimmers can have a distinct path around the pool for laps as well. With a fully functional pool, you can arrange a striking infinity spa.


5 Things You Need to Know About In-ground Pool Renovation

Your relatives from outside the country are visiting you in a month, and you want a brand new swimming pool at your house. Then you remember you already have one, considering it would need a major makeover to look new. So, you figured out you would go for your in-ground pool renovation in New Jersey, but now you are worried about what are the things you need to fix to give your pool a brand new look and who would be the best for it. I highly recommend you highly- the Custom Pool Pros. They serve you the best service in New Jersey.

  1. Liner pool renovation

The first thing you need to fix while renovating your old pool is, you need to provide a replacement liner. Vinyl liner pools usually have a custom made vinyl sheet. These are the standard ones which typically come with warranties of 6-12 years. These are inexpensive but are vulnerable to holes, and tears. The leak needs to be repaired immediately once you figure out to prevent it from the further decay of the pool soil beneath the pool wall.

  1. Collapsed wall fix

If your pool walls are collapsing, you need to check these the most while your in-ground pool renovation. You should take care of your pool wall before it gets rusty, and once it does, fix it before you have to buy an expensive one. But, if you didn’t know this before, you sure have to fix it while renovation. The Custom Pool Pros provide the quality materials you need to fix your collapsed wall because of continuous rust deposition or any other issue.

  1. New skimmer

After all these years, since you’ve started using your in-ground pool, your skimmers must have gone through a lot to keep your pool clean. When you are renovating the pool, you must fix new skimmers. For the record, pool wall skimmers perform the important work keeping afloat debris away before it sinks to the bottom, and creates some extra task for your automatic pool cleaner. you can also think of installing all new technologies. Usually these function very simply. The skimmer helps to keep the pool water clean by removing hair, body oils, and sunscreen dwells.

  1. Color the bottom

This time why don’t you color the bottom of your pool different from what you had before. This might be a big thing people would notice when you have renovated your pool. Your in-ground pool renovation would be a success if you are smart about choosing the pool bottom color. The trending colors that I list down should be:

  • Ebony blue
  • Graphite Grey
  • Diamond sand
  • Light blue shimmer
  • Classic white
  1. Custom decorations

Your in-ground pool renovation will look brand new just with the bit of a hint your personal custom design & decorations. You can add up different lighting effects, including waterfalls, spas, and more. You can install rocks around the pool lines or even at the bottom.


5 Tips to Buy Best Automatic Pool Covers

The backyard pool provides a lifestyle that can’t be beaten from rambunctious playtime to elegant poolside parties. Your pool can provide years of bliss, and enjoyment for you, your family, and friends. While a pool is a lot of fun, owning a pool comes with a certain responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests, your family, and your neighbors at all times whether you’re using the pool or not. With automatic safety pool covers for in-ground pools, keeping your pool safer has never been more convenient or more effective. An automatic built-in pool covers from The Custom Pool Pros are of a great deal.

  1. Automatic retractable pool covers

A complete package to keep your pool safe from all sorts of dirt and damage is the best automatic pool covers. The pool cover is only a fabric used in a way that it covers either indoor or outdoor swimming pools. The pool covers are retractable that is, it automatically comes out and goes in once operated, and keeps your pool clean. So make sure you consider this while you buy.

  1. Safety at its best

Let me tell you this thing, pool covers have become pretty much of a need for swimming pool owners not because it gained popularity. Perhaps, because the pool covers ensure safety at it’s best. These keep your pool clean from debris regardless of the season and provides longevity to your pools. It ensures no one falls into pool accidentally, and so you must buy those in-ground pool covers which promise you the best safety.

  1. Know your type

This is actually one of the first requirements that are, you need to understand the functionality of the pool. Now you already know why swimming pool covers are beneficial for you, but you don’t know what color, design or type should you choose or would be suitable for your pool. Here are few of the best options:

  • Solar pool covers: prevents water from evaporating
  • Mesh pool covers: water can pass through it (for example rainwater) but filters dirt & debris
  • Enclosure covers: most effective. Covers the entire pool. Bit costly.
  • Thermal covers: retains the heat of water
  • Pool nets
  • Sliding deck pool covers
  • Automatic retractable covers
  1. Accessories

Do consider you need other accessories or not. You can have:

  • Pool cover pumps
  • Cover clips
  • Water tube bags
  • Cover Seals
  1. Cost maintenance

Pool covers usually do not cost much, but automatic pool covers may cost more than $3000 to install. But then you need to look at the bright side. Honestly, I don’t think this cost is much since it saves you from all the hassle of maintenance you have to grow through all around the year along with high operation cost. So these automatic ones actually save you a lot of time, effort, and money.