Guide for Swimming Pool Tile Coping

As you are going through you’re picking materials for your pool, one of the first things you’re going to pick is the tile. It may seem very easy, you might think you would choose the one that looks good and pick the one’s more durable after a little research. But there can a lot of other factors that you might consider before buying tiles for swimming pool tile coping. You can close your eyes and completely rely on The Custom Pool Pros for your swimming pool tile renovation. Following are the basics you need to know before hiring your contractors for your backyard pool tile coping.

  1. Rock Water Line

Now, you may have a rock instead of tile in the water line of the pool or you may have a ceramic tile. The rock water line looks fine in any sort of pool design. You can add up salt generators too if you’re from a southern county of New Jersey. If you want to re-design or renovate the backyard pool you might try this out.

  1. Coping

The coping is the portion of the pool that is directly on top of the pool structure. It’s normally about a foot and it may be larger if it’s an elevated area where you’re sitting like on a raised hot tub but the important thing is that you pick a material that you really like from standpoint of aesthetics and how important is it that it’d be smooth and nice to sit on or if it’s rough boulders because you’re looking for a more natural environment.

  1. Stones:

If you’re picking a stone, understand that indigenous stone for your swimming pool tile coping is always less expensive than stones from other regions of the country. Because shipping stones are pretty expensive you see, where you’re not paying a lot of trucking costs to get it to you that makes the most sense.

  1. Choosing tile:

As far as picking tile is concerned, my god, there are so many tiles especially now with all of the glass tiles that are out there. But you can pay $3- $4 a square foot for tile or you can pay $40 a square foot for tile. So don’t get excited with your selection until you look at the price tag. Pick something that you like. Have your pool contractor assist you who is in charge of your total guide for swimming pool tile coping. Let them assist you with what you might like. They will like what their customers to pick, one thing they love. Then they’ll show you things that match. They don’t want you to pick four or five things you love that may not go together. Although they will put on anything they want. I would suggest going for a cohesive look for your pool.