5 Things You Need to Know About In-ground Pool Renovation

Your relatives from outside the country are visiting you in a month, and you want a brand new swimming pool at your house. Then you remember you already have one, considering it would need a major makeover to look new. So, you figured out you would go for your in-ground pool renovation in New Jersey, but now you are worried about what are the things you need to fix to give your pool a brand new look and who would be the best for it. I highly recommend you highly- the Custom Pool Pros. They serve you the best service in New Jersey.

  1. Liner pool renovation

The first thing you need to fix while renovating your old pool is, you need to provide a replacement liner. Vinyl liner pools usually have a custom made vinyl sheet. These are the standard ones which typically come with warranties of 6-12 years. These are inexpensive but are vulnerable to holes, and tears. The leak needs to be repaired immediately once you figure out to prevent it from the further decay of the pool soil beneath the pool wall.

  1. Collapsed wall fix

If your pool walls are collapsing, you need to check these the most while your in-ground pool renovation. You should take care of your pool wall before it gets rusty, and once it does, fix it before you have to buy an expensive one. But, if you didn’t know this before, you sure have to fix it while renovation. The Custom Pool Pros provide the quality materials you need to fix your collapsed wall because of continuous rust deposition or any other issue.

  1. New skimmer

After all these years, since you’ve started using your in-ground pool, your skimmers must have gone through a lot to keep your pool clean. When you are renovating the pool, you must fix new skimmers. For the record, pool wall skimmers perform the important work keeping afloat debris away before it sinks to the bottom, and creates some extra task for your automatic pool cleaner. you can also think of installing all new technologies. Usually these function very simply. The skimmer helps to keep the pool water clean by removing hair, body oils, and sunscreen dwells.

  1. Color the bottom

This time why don’t you color the bottom of your pool different from what you had before. This might be a big thing people would notice when you have renovated your pool. Your in-ground pool renovation would be a success if you are smart about choosing the pool bottom color. The trending colors that I list down should be:

  • Ebony blue
  • Graphite Grey
  • Diamond sand
  • Light blue shimmer
  • Classic white
  1. Custom decorations

Your in-ground pool renovation will look brand new just with the bit of a hint your personal custom design & decorations. You can add up different lighting effects, including waterfalls, spas, and more. You can install rocks around the pool lines or even at the bottom.



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